Dedicated Systems for:

Coffee, Tea & Espresso

When excellent coffee is the goal, it’s imperative to control the variable that makes up 98% of coffee beverages – WATER. 3M Cuno hot beverage filters and water softeners deliver quality and consistency. Filters designed specifically for coffee / espresso machines maintain water quality even in the event of high water hardness levels.

CUNO filters prevent minerals and other sediment from clogging internal components, increase efficiency, lower energy costs, extend the life of your coffee machines and produce consistent quality beverages without the bitter flavor caused by contaminants.

Four contaminants that can cause expensive equipment problems and interfere with coffee quality and consistency:

SEDIMENT - Fine silt and other debris cause wear on parts and can damage solenoids, valves and fittings. Particulates settle as sediment and provide a catalyst for scale build-up.

CHLORINE - Chlorine imparts an unpleasant taste and odor. It can be corrosive to boilers, heating elements and wetted surfaces – increasing maintenance costs and reducing equipment life.

SCALE - Formulation of scale from calcium and magnesium is the #1 cause of water related problems with coffee equipment. Scale can impede efficient heat transfer, diminishes coffee quality and increases maintenance frequency.

TDS - Total Dissolved Solids is an array of contaminates that are dissolved in water. Sodium and Chlorides affect espresso and coffee quality as well as equipment life.

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