Leonard’s NSF, Energy Star Hi-Temperature commercial dishwashers manufactured by STERO uses heat to completely sanitize dishes, flatware and glasses without necessity for costly chemicals and rinse aids. A fully installed BOOSTER HEATER raises the final rinse water to 180 degrees – hot enough to cut thru grease and residues such as lipstick, leaving squeaky clean dishes which dry quickly, preventing bacteria from growing from excess moisture. The water tempering kit (included) allows the hot water to cool to a safe temperature before being discharged down the drain.

In addition to being more Earth Friendly than low temp (120 degree) counterparts which require purchasing multiple Sanitizing and Rinse Aid Chemicals, our STERO High Temp (180 degrees) High Quality chemical-free dishwashers are known for Value, Rugged Construction and Ease of Use. Our Hi-temp workhorses are better cleaners, more reliable, and a bit more expensive than low temp machines before annual savings from chemical purchases are factored in.

  • Uses HEAT to sanitize in place of chemicals
  • NO sanitation chemical purchase necessary
  • More effective removing of grease and animal fat
  • Less water utilized
  • Enables dishes to dry faster
  • No residual chemical odor on dishes or glasses
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Uses a chemical bath to sanitize glasses and kitchenware
  • Requires Weekly Purchase of various chemicals
  • May require additional wash time for tough grease, lipstick, animal fats
  • More water utilized
  • May damage certain types of flatware and plastics
  • Slower drying time
  • Sanitizing chemicals can leave odor on dishes and glasses
  • Discharges toxic chemicals down drain to Municipal waste water treatment plant

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